Omegle and Chatroulette are popular online services that allow you to communicate with people from all over the world free of charge and completely anonymously using video calls.

Unlike dating sites, you do not have to fill in a profile or register in chat roulettes. In addition, if dating sites initially involve communication in order to create relationships, chat roulettes offer various opportunities:

  • Find new friends. Thanks to this resource you can communicate and meet people from different countries, spheres of occupation, hobbies.
  • Arrange your personal life. Getting acquainted in a chat with completely random people, you can find a life partner.
  • Increase the circle of like-minded people. Among the vast number of users chat roulette certainly there will be people with similar interests and hobbies, whether it be knitting, cross stitching, skydiving or sumo wrestling.
  • Practice spoken foreign languages with native speakers. Among the chat users there are people from different countries and nationalities. Switching from one interlocutor to another, you can find the person who speaks the language you need.
  • Have fun. To brighten up a boring evening, it is not necessary to get ready and go somewhere. You can find an interesting person in the chat.
  • Get advice or psychological help. There is not always an opportunity or desire to share your pressing issues with your close people. Sometimes you do not want to upset them, sometimes there is not enough trust. In addition, a stranger is easier to vent with and throw off the psychological garbage.
  • Get communication skills. If you are shy and do not know how to find common language with strangers, then communication in chat roulettes will help you to get rid of some complexes. You can read some relevant literature concerning the rules of communication and practice in the chat. As a safety net to avoid awkward situations, there is an opportunity to leave the conversation simply by clicking on the button.

Chat roulettes with the opportunities to videochat has a number of advantages compared to others. Firstly, you immediately see the person as he/she is, whereas photos can be edited or taken using various filters. Secondly, you can be sure that you are chatting with a cute girl but not a fat bearded man, who is hiding behind a cute photo. And, thirdly, live communication can never be replaced by texting. It is not a secret that one phrase uttered with different intonations can be perceived in completely different ways.

However, there are also disadvantages in communicating with the help of this resource. Anonymity chat contributes to the fact that the resource is used by people who want to diversify their sex life – lovers of virtual sex, exhibitionists, etc. Therefore, when searching for a new interlocutor, there is no guarantee that you will not stumble upon someone’s naked body or privates. Another nuance is that there is a huge number of users and there is a very little possibility of repeated communication with the same person in the chat. Therefore, if there is a pleasant interlocutor who you would like to continue communicaion in the future, it is worth exchanging contact information such as your social network account or any other messenger.


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