Omegle and Chatroulette provide an excellent opportunity to communicate with strangers from around the world. These are anonymous free resources with the help of which you can have fun, make new friends, develop your speaking skills or train a foreign language.

However, when dealing with strangers, you should consider a number of features, both positive and negative:

  • Anonymity unleashes the hands of people who are looking for thrills – virtual sex, the desire to demonstrate their bare body. Therefore, there is a chance to get on explicit scenes and pictures.
  • However, not all people frankly show their diviations. The occasional interlocutor may seem to be quite adequate, although, when it comes to a personal meeting, a variety of negative characteristics may show up. In this regard, it is necessary to protect yourself as much as possible – when making an appointment, tell someone you trust as much information as possible about the place, date, person you are meeting with. Initially it is better to arrange communication in crowded places and not to agree to meet at home or get into the car.
  • In chat roulettes there is a chance that you meet inadequate people who are drunk or high.
  • There is a huge amount of fake people with various fraud schemes. Therefore, you need to be careful and not disclose to strangers financial information or information that can help in determining your location.
  • In addition, in chat roulettes there is a chance to come across so-called “trolls”. These are people who specifically provoke a scandal for any reason, starting with quibbling and derogatory expressions about your appearance, manner of conversation and ending with statements on pressing social and political topics.

The positive features include:

  • The development of your outlook. Each person who come into your life brings something new into it. You can learn about new films, actors, musical directions, sports, literature or hobbies.
  • Communication. Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against you. You have quarreled with friends, your close people are busy or far away, you feel lonely and useless. In the chat roulette there is an interlocutor who will listen to you and perhaps give you some practical advice or just help to cheer up.
  • Foreign language. Nowadays living in the globalized world knowledge of foreign languages is simply necessary. You can grasp the basics of grammar in special courses, words can be learned with the help of a dictionary, but spoken language will be learned in a more profound way with the help of native speakers who you can get acquainted with in the chat roulette.
  • An opportunity to find a soulmate. Often, communication with random people can grow into a strong friendship or even a romantic relationship.
  • Socialization. Virtual communication in video chats will help you to overcome shyness and improve communication skills with strangers.

A chat-roulette will help to meet different people and make friends, have an interesting evening, find a new hobby.


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